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Here's What the Kenneka Jenkins Case Teaches Women and Girls Everywhere

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The death of 19 year Kenneka Jenkins has taken a toll on people around the world. This teen died while attending a hotel party with friends and was later found dead in the freezer of the Rosemont hotel. After days of investigations and questioning, the true details of this case are still at large. While we don't know exactly how everything transpired, there are a few things that we can all learn from this:

1. All women and teens should have an active Conceal and Carry License
Only 22% of gun owners are women. In theory, they stand less of a chance of protecting themselves in a random act of violence. Now, more than ever is the time for teens and women everywhere to apply for their gun ownership card ( FOID Card) as well as their conceal and carry license. Women can be victims at home and away from home and should always be ready to defend themselves in a deadly situation. Since women are also least expected to carry an extra form of protection with them, their rates of becoming targets are nearly doubled. Your gun card will take time to come in the mail. We also recommend buying a taser as well. Popular ones resemble iPhones to be a bit more discrete.

2. Always have an open communication with close family or friends
The young woman's mom had no idea where she was. We've all lied to our parents about where we were going every once in awhile. But them being able to find us in an emergency is more important than that little bit of freedom we think we are gaining. A great solution would be to install a GPS tracker app on your phone so that you always know where your loved one is.

3. Practice the use of code words
A big part of the video that is shocking people is the possibility that she used the video as a cry for help. She put glasses on to give people a clue of who was involved in the incident which was brilliant on her end. Unfortunately, her friends and family didn't get this message until the aftermath. Had they practiced the use of an agreed code word, atleast one friend or family could have known she was in the midst of needing help.

There has been no confirmed details on the case. We will release more as they develop. We do hope that her family gets some form of peace soon.

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