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Man Accidentally Shoots Woman While Having Sex With Her

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Man Flees The Scene After Firing A Gun Inside A Woman’s Genitals

David Jeffers got into a freak accident at the Stockport hotel in Manchester after a loaded gun he placed in the victim’s genitals as part of her bizarre fetish was accidentally fired.
Jeffers fled the scene and left the 46-year-old woman to die on the bed with injuries to her bladder and reproductive organs. Text messages show that she had divulged her freaky fantasy to him days before the accident saying, “I can’t sleep, so excited.”
On the night of the shooting, the two lovers had binged on cocaine and booze before engaging in sexual activity with one another. Jeffers claims he found the “antique” shotgun in the toilets of a Wetherspoon’s pub at Leeds train station, but after the gun was inserted into his partner’s vagina, it accidentally fired.
The man panicked and bolted while his woman was laying on the bed, leaving a shocked hotel employee to find her after hearing the victim’s cries for help. She is still recovering from life-changing injuries after receiving emergency surgery at Manchester Royal Infirmary.
Jeffers pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, he was sentenced to jail for ten years. Read more here.

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