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Florida Teacher Jason Meyers Confronted for Sleeping with Atleast 8 of his Students

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A Miami, Florida teacher is under HEAVY fire since he’s been accused of having sex with at LEAST 8 students over his long education career.
According to the Miami Herald, Jason Edward Meyers, a former teacher at Dr. Michael M. Krop High School was first accused of sexing students back in 2008 when an anonymous email was sent stating that Meyers was sleeping with current and former students.
Instead of being fired or arrested, Meyers was transferred to ANOTHER school in 2011 where he would have access to more young girls. At Miami Palmetto Senior High School, where his wife works, more accusations would pour in.
The lawsuit filed against Meyers states that his creepy creative writing group “Jason’s Girls” is where he would groom students for sex, encouraging them to read “Lolita”, asking one to write a poem called “Come Inside Me” and bringing sexy clothes for girls to wear at school.
Then, there’s this:
There was also a fight between Meyers and his wife, also a Palmetto High teacher, that allegedly happened on school grounds during the 2015-2016 school year. Meyers’ wife confronted Meyers about his relationship with at least one female student, the suit says.
Yikes! Sounds like this guy needs to be Jared from Subway’s cell mate.
Oh, by the way, Meyers was arrested in February when cops came to his house and saw his young children running around naked while playing with their genitals. So, yeah… Read more here.

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