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3 More Sue Usher in Herpes Case

Three more people have stepped forward claiming to have had sexual contact with Usher after 2012…and that he told none of them the news that he had an STI.
Oh, and of course they want some cash for their troubles.
Two more women and one man have all set lawsuits in motion claiming to have engaged in sexual activity with Usher after he was well aware of his diagnosis.
Now, attention-seeking attorney Lisa Bloom tells TMZ that she plans to file a suit for the affected folks on Monday. One of the women plans to show her face in a news conference announcing the lawsuit and condemning Usher for not disclosing his STI status before engaging in intercourse. Meanwhile, the other woman and the man who claims he also became infected through intercourse with Usher will remain anonymous.
Here’s the question though — did NONE of these people realize they had herpes until Usher’s infection news broke? What were they doing in the meantime…just infecting MORE people???
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