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Meet a Young Chicagoan on a Mission to Change the World: Kia Smith

Meet Kia Smith. Kia is a writer, blogger, mentor and active supporter of enriching the lives of people all over. She is on a mission to help provide better education and experiences to families in South Africa. To do this, she is teaming up with "Meet and Teach" - a volunteer program created to help people all over the world.

Her inspiration came from her humble beginnings. According to Kia, " Growing up, I didn't have much, but I was always taught to help those whenever I could. I watched my entire family help people of our community in any way possible: whether they needed a place to stay temporarily or if they needed a meal because they had no food. Life is about reciprocity and lifting others as you climb." And that is exactly what Kia is doing.  By being an example of how we should all play a part in the world, Kia will be nothing less than an inspiration to people everywhere.

Her impressive experience doesn't just stop there. After her venture she will be finishing her undergrad program at SIU and documenting her experience for all of the world to see. But the work doesn't stop - Kia plans to continue to volunteer to help others in any way that she can. She also has some amazing advice for people of all ages "First, don't be afraid to get to know yourself. Don't think learning is confined to the walls of a classroom. Take risks! And remember that there are no L's in life, only lessons learned."

We, here, at R City Unlimited support Kia Smith's journey and everything that she is doing. We ask that you do the same to support such a monumental spirit in this crazy world. Please visit the page below and donate so that she can reach her goal to travel to South Africa. Whether it's $1 or $100, no donation is too big or too small. If you are unable to support at the time, please share this page with your friends so that they can support her as well. 

Congrats Kia!

- We Are Proud Supporters

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