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Actress KeKe Palmer - Before and After the New Hair Cut

What do you Think About KeKe Palmer's New Look?

KeKe Palmer is no stranger to changing up her look, and as of late, her most recent 'do has gotten her to the Trending Topics page on Twitter. While her viral status hasn't been for the most positive reasons — social media has been roasting the actress for the daring new look — KeKe is clearly unbothered, and wants everyone to know that she's just as confident as before.

She was first blasted for showing off her new "Queen of Kush" neck tattoo, and now that her faux locs and shaved head are the new topic of discussion, she has taken the time to release a statement, addressing all the unnecessary hate.
"I was trending on Twitter, I have been evolving as a young woman and I notice it has been gaining a lot of attention some good and some bad comments, and that is ok." Read more here.

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