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Woman Rapes Man and Gets ONLY 9 Months in Jail | Double Standards in America

The Seattle woman charged with raping a man while he slept has pleaded guilty to the attack and will serve nine months in jail and be required to register as a sex offender, according to court records.
In a deal with prosecutors, Chantae Gilman copped Wednesday to attempted rape and assault, both felonies. Gilman, 28, was originally charged with rape,butan amended criminal information reduced that count.
Around 2 AM, “M.O.” awoke to find Gilman on top of him. The victim told cops that his erect penis was inside Gilman, who had pinned his hands over his head. “M.O.” said that after Gilman ignored demands to get off him, he was “able to work his way out from underneath" her.
Gilman, pictured above, is scheduled to be sentenced on June 19. In addition to jail time and registering as a sex offender, Gilman’s plea deal requires her to serve two years probation upon release from custody and it forbids her from contacting the 32-year-old victim (who is only identified by his initials, “M.O.,” in court papers).
Gilman’s rap sheet dates back 15 years and includes convictions for attempted robbery, attempted forgery, theft, and possession of a stolen vehicle. When she was arrested last September for attacking “M.O.,” Gilman was pregnant with her third child. Read more HERE.

Okay, Double Standards or Nah? 

Then again she's just a wo-.... oh nvm...

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