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Funniest #TweetLikeDameDash Twitter Tweets

12th Annual Urban Wheel Awards
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Dame Dash's Interview Causes Twitter Chaos 

Despite what you may have heard, Dame Dash is managing to keep his head above social waters. Whether you admire him or dislike him, you're bound to hear about him these days. Dame Dash opted to give the world some free life advice...and that's where it started...

“I was saying if you have a job, you have to pay the bills, but that pays the bills momentarily. So if you have a job, in that moment, you should also be investing in something that you can pass on to your children,” explained Dash. “I said [to The Breakfast Club hosts], ‘I’m not mad at you for having a job. I’m mad at you for having the same job for 25 years.’”

Does the Twitter world ever let a good taunting opportunity go by? Of course not! 
Here's some of our favorites...
Dam tweet first

Dame Tweet
What's your best #TweetLikeDameDash impression?

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