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@RKelly [NEW MUSIC VIDEO] - Happy Birthday Causes Retirement Rumors....

Yes...This is #RKelly...is this desperate attempt to gain new fans? DUH!. After watching this video, there has been much speculation about R.Kelly's career. Anyone who is a true fan of R.Kelly probably turned the video off after 20 seconds (unless you were there for the b*tches.) "Happy Birthday" consists of a lot of auto tune, the rap style trending among most of the new rappers, and (like many music videos these days) lots of b*tches...

Let's start by reminding everyone that R.Kelly is 49 years old...yeah...replay the video now without getting creeped out. The fact that he's spent a most of his life making good, quality music and resorts to this at the age of 49 could hint a lot of bad things about R.Kelly's career. Many fans assume that he's fading into the past and is doing a horrible job trying to stay relevant. Others say he sold out...

After the "pee-wee" "target practice" case, I can't say I'm surprised much by R.Kelly. It is true that R.Kelly has contributed more than enough to the music world - does that mean it's time for us to give him a break? 

New Kellz...Yay or Nay?

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