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@YoungThug Calls Rich Homie Quan is His "Hubbie" on Instagram #NewCouple?

Young Thug and Rick Homie QuanYoung Thug Sparks ANOTHER Gay Rumor

Besides being a self-proclaimed stoner, you can now add Young Thug to the list of the world's most suspect rappers. Young Thug uploaded this photo with Rich Homie Quan on Instagram with the caption "Me and my hubbie!!!"

Young Thug replied to the rumors by saying that "hubbie" has become another word for "friend" in Atlanta, but we all know better than that... 

Here's a few tweets from viewers like YOU:

Now, we have no problem with gay people AT  ALL. Though, it seems that the media and music has taken a special interest in swaying youth into that lifestyle. Being affiliated with Lil Wayne and Young Money, I have no idea why people are so surprised. 

Has this changed any way that you think for feel about Young Thug and his music?  Does it really even matter if he's gay?

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