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Jay-Z's Mistress Releases Beyonce Diss Song [#NooBey!]

Jay-Z's Self Proclaimed Mistress Disses Beyonce by Releasing New Song...
"Sorry Mrs. Carter" 

Attention chasing female "rapper" Liv, has been vocal about her affair with Jay-Z for over a year now. Previous attempts got no attention, but this attempt in an obvious jab at Beyonce may get her some unexpected and unwanted attention from Beyonce's #BeeHive.

Turns out Jay-Z has 99 problems and a b*tch is one...We're living in a day and time where "side chicks" are filled with pride and have no shame. Personally, Beyonce has better looking things to worry about. 

What do you think about the claims?


  1. Bey is way better than that hideous female..she's looking dumb right now..acting as if she's some bad *itch when she's nothing but a hit it and quit it anytime jay-z wants it *itch!! Go sit your ugly ass down somewhere!! wtf she means never the other women? she is the other women or should I say other man!! I hope bey comes out with something putting this hideous looking Tran's in her place or better yet leave jay-z they both ugly af anyways and deserve Each other I always wondered what bey seen in him anyways..she could do way better than that I'm sure there is a BETTER LOOKING Real man waiting on the chance to treat and give her the respect and love she so much deserves!! just looking at Jay-Z makes my throat start gagging!! Yuk just gross!! You got this bey your better than that!!

  2. Omfg..bey plz get at this hideous ass *itch

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