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Mystery Impostor Files for Divorce from Keyshia Cole? [#WTF]


Uh-Oh! An Impostor Files for a Divorce from Keyshia Cole on Behalf of Boobie Gibson

According to the folks at TMZ:

Keyshia Cole's estranged husband shocked her by filing divorce papers before she could, or so it seemed ... but Daniel "Boobie" Gibson says it was actually an impostor -- with a thing for El Pollo Loco -- who did the deed.

TMZ got a copy of the docs which looked pretty standard ... citing irreconcilable differences. However, it seemed odd an ex-NBA player like Gibson would list himself as his attorney.

They called the phone # listed for him in the papers -- and the person who answered claimed he was Gibson, but sounded suspect. After checking the address listed ... it turned out to be an El Pollo Loco restaurant. Crazy, right?
The real Boobie assured us he never once considered filing, telling us ... "She would have to do it. I am a Christian. I believe in 'til death do us part.'"

Gibson says he's going to press charges against the impostor.

For her part, Keyshia tells us nothing's changed -- she still plans to go forward with the divorce. 

Sorry Boobies!

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