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Is Bar Louie's New Dress Code Racist?

Photo Credit: KMSP-TV

Bar Louie Releases a New Dress Code and it Screams "No Black People!"...Kinda.

Bar Louie may be yet another company to lose the black vote. Since this photo has gone viral, the public has had quite the response to it. If you're a black person reading this, you kinda of get the hint that you nor your friends will be welcomed inside any time soon - not even on $1 burger night! 

Of course the creators of this dress code were aware that these rules may significantly target black people. Any way that you look at it, they did. Citizen, Imani Vincent pretty much summarized how many of the people who were outraged by the dress code felt in an interview with KMSP-TV: “If you do not want African-Americans to frequent your establishment, then maybe you should just say that and not just break it down to the dress code...”

While some are angered, others pose another question: are we supporting racism by supporting the assumption that all black people fit into these stereotypes? Who's really racist if we are implying that black people, indeed, don't have nice clothes? 

Maybe this dress code is fair...but then again, overdo it for $1 burger night? I think I'll stay bitter at this one for awhile...

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