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Congress Takes the Minimum Wage Challenge

Congress Takes on the Minimum Wage Challenge Living off $77 a Week... 

The ongoing battle to raise the nation's minimum wage has influenced congressmen to discover the the struggles that comes along with making minimum wage in today's economy. It's assumed that this was initiated to give congress the opportunity to build a more emotional connection to potential voters. 

To them, minimum wage brings a big change to their daily routines. They've had to change the quality of the food that they consume, reduce lavish activities and cope with the continuous stress that comes with living with low wage.

Some may find this kind-hearted but others find it offensive. Living a week off $77 as a representation of being succumbed by minimum wage is not what people really experience. Many hard-working people barely have $77 a week after gas, children and bills.

 One thing that they don't see is that living off minimum wage incurs constant debt. After all of this, many don't have an extra $77 to buy food or life necessities everyday. Living a week in poverty is nothing compared to enduring months, years or life times in a financial cycle that "seems" impossible to elevate from.

Does the Minimum Wage Challenge REALLY Prove Anything?     

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