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#Chicago to Set Minimum Wage to $13/hr!

Chicago has Set to Raise Minimum Wage from $8.25 to $13.00 by 2018

For those who work hard for their money, keep hope alive! Chicago has been approved for a plan that will raise it's minimum wage to $13/hr over the course of 4 years. According to the Huffington Post:

The Minimum Wage Working Group, a panel created earlier this year by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, voted 13-3 on Monday in favor of a plan to gradually increase the city's minimum wage of $8.25 an hour by roughly a dollar per year until it hits $13 by 2018.

The panel's report said the wage raise would increase earnings for 31 percent of Chicago workers, according to the Sun-Times. The report also concluded the hike could increase other costs like food, health care, retail and hospitality by up to 2 percent.
At least one labor group criticized the recommendation for not being high enough.
"Any recommendation that is less than $15 is an insult to the hundreds of fast food workers that have risked their jobs and made sacrifices for the well-being of this city," the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago said in a statement.
A wage of $13/hr is ideal right now. But in 4 years and with the prices of everything rising... $13/hr will be just as comfortable as $8.25/hr. 
Good OR Insulting? 


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