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Camron ft Nicki Minaj - "So Bad"

Camron Just 'Saved A Lot Money By Switching to' Green Screen!

It's been years since the mainstream world has heard of Camron - and this music video may be why. We were all excited to hear new music coming from him, but this video was "so bad" not even Nicki Minaj could distract you from it... 

Yup! Since the world found out how much money you can save using a green screen, people have been over doing it a bit. You've got to give the public more credit. And bro, you couldn't even pretend that it was your house? Oh, you know the social media world had something to say about it:

Not everyone hated it. Though, I doubt there will be any new Camron fans soon if he pulls this off again...What do you think?

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