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10 Best Childhood Games [#THROWBACK]

hungry hungry hippos

(Photo by drake lelane via Flickr)
Remember the days before wifi and iPhones, when all we had were board games?...

If you haven't played any of these games, you've got some catching up to do! 

10. Hungry Hungry Hippo was like the PG, table-top version of Grand Theft Auto to today's modern adult. Meaning, this is where you really saw that numbers count...Nothing was more exciting than playing a full game of Hungry Hippo with kids just as eager to participate as you.

trouble board game
(Photo by mkrill via Flickr)

09. Trouble taught me how to "trash talk." Nothing was worse than getting all the way to the end and still losing because you couldn't get a low enough number or something. Everybody got in trouble  once in a while...

trivial pursuit game
(Photo by ghirson via Flickr)
08. Trivial Pursuit is one of those games that if you sucked at it as a kid, chances are, your luck didn't get so much better over the years. I am one of those people....

candyland board game

(Photo by Tafkabecky (Becky Bokern) via Flickr)

07. Candy Land was more than just a board game. It was an adventure filled  attention vacation away from home. At the end of the game you are either sleepy or hungry...

scrabble board game
(Photo by djwtwo via Flickr)

06. Scrabble, at any age, will drop any newbie's ego within a switch of a tile. There is a point in everyone's life where they question the validity of their grammer courses in school due to a game of Scrabble. 

monopoly game
(Photo by Justin Sullivan via Getty Images)

05. Monopoly never gets old...Winning an intense game of Monopoly meant that you were "the man" for the rest of the night!

battleship board game
(Photo by unloveablesteve via Flickr)

04. BattleShip puts your luck and logic to the test. Face to face with your opponent, you begin to learn the art of calling a bluff.

sorry board game
(Photo by Associated Press)

03. Sorry is the feeling when you are on that running streak and then you just happen to pull the "move 4 spaces back" card.

guess who game
(Photo by Alice Bartlett via Flickr)

02. Guess Who was perfect for those with good memory and a lot of curiosity. Though, I've always looked at the winner of the game a  little different afterwards... or I just may be a sore loser.

life board game

01. Life makes so much more sense as an adult. This game takes kids through the basics of adulthood: kids, college, work and BILLS... Thanks for the heads up! 

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