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Man's Mugshot Goes VIRAL and Drives the Ladies Crazy! [#WhatCrime?]

Jeremy Meeks is a beautiful convicted felon facing felony weapon charges. A post made on Facebook by the Stockton, California police has turned this amazing man into a social media celebrity. 

Meek's mugshot generated 10,914 likes and 2,400 comments within 24 hours, many from women claiming to admire his looks:
“Omg he’s waaaaay to sexy to go in a cell,” Wiha M. posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page. “Bring him to me I’ll lock him up.”
“He’s too sexy to be in jail,” Vania T. chimed in.
Others are not so quick to fall for the felon.
“Seriously, he got arrested for a weapons charge,” Rebecca P. said. “Sure he may be cute, but some of the cutest guys are probably psycho killers or illegal gun salesman or something. Get your head on straight.”
Sure this isn't major news, but it sure does make you think for a second...
Anybody want a piece of this eye-candy??
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