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Father Over-Doses Son with Cocaine to Avoid Paying Child Support [SMH]

Thomas Holland Charged with Manslaughter After Using High Doses of Drugs to Kill his Son...Just to Avoid Paying Child Support

Holland was arrested after toxicology reports showed that his son (Jayson) died as a result of his medication being mixed with cocaine. The toxicology report showed that Holland also drugged his son with high levels of codeine and acetaminophen. 

Due to the high levels of drugs in the child's body, doctors were able to conclude that this was no accident. Though, his son died months ago, his mother and his family are just now finding out the truth about his death.

The court ordered Holland to pay Jayson's mother $6000 in child support. Holland denied Jayson was his son and didn't even attend his funeral. Jayson's uncle said that he was a good kid who loved Spiderman and football. "Just a regular boy, with not a care in the world..."

We'd like to send prayers to Jayson's mother and his family during such a tragic and heart-breaking time...

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