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Dwight Howard Put on Blast by 16-Year Old Girlfriend! #SMH [PHOTOS]

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Dwight Howard is now under a lot of heat after messages and photos proving he's in a relationship with a 16 year old girl was released...

Truthfully,  I'd prefer a groupie over a potential rape case for sleeping with a 16-year old any day - but that's just me. This isn't just an internet crush, Dwight Howard actually flew the high school girl to his place in Florida to spend some quality time. As if (nor she), doesn't look bad enough, his "girlfriend" released pictures of her with Dwight and screenshots showing how emotional Dwight is about her. I mean, she hasn't even gone to prom yet! 

Here are photos of the young girl with Dwight Howard:

She posted the following Snapshot of their conversation where we see Dwight Howard getting a bit too emotional .... I mean you're a millionaire, you can't do any better??

Of all the fish in the sea... you choose a tadpole... #SMH

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