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University of Chicago Refuses to Help Dying 18 Year Old Gun Shot Victim [WHO'S TO BLAME?]

      University of Chicago Only Allows Trauma Care for Those 16 Years and Younger ... Leads to Increase of Deaths Amoung Males on Chicago's South Side

The University of Chicago has been the target of a lot of backlash and side eyes lately. Students have been protesting and camping out of U of C - most of this caused after the University of Chicago announced it's upcoming multi-million dollar project hosting the Barack Obama Presidential Library. Good news, right?

The students at the University of Chicago and residents in the area seem to think otherwise. Currently, the University of Chicago is only able to treat patients 16 years and younger. According to them, this is due to a lack of funding and support. Here's the problem - U of C serves in the middle of one of the most crime and violence abundant areas in Chicago. Being that there has been a rise of shooting victims (including the innocent) on the South Side of Chicago, many of them die before even making it to the hospital.

Sheila Rush, the mother of Damian Turner, who died of a gunshot wound sustained in a drive-by shooting, has experienced the inconvenience and lack of priority the University of Chicago has made to the member in it's community. Though her 18-year-old son was shot a couple blocks away from the University of Chicago Medical Center, he was taken eight miles away to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he died of injuries that were not treated within proper timing.

Here's the question: Who's responsible?

Should the University of Chicago feel obligated to spend their money to support a community that is accused of casually killing their own people?

What about the innocent people??

Read More on this HERE.

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