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Kanye West Let's Fan Rap for Him [VIDEO]

Kanye West gives an aspiring rapper the opportunity of a lifetime. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are stopped outside of their apartment in SoHo, New York by the young man in the picture above.
ran up behind Kanye and boldly said, "I been working on my s***, trying to get better at it." 

This is the moment where we normally expect Kanye to brush him off or shoot down his dreams - but not this time!

Yeezy instead replied, "How's it sound now?""

Not only does Kanye listen to the man rap for a whole minute, he even waited for the guy to finish before walking into his building! Unexpected, but it's safe to say deep down there (somewhere) Kanye does indeed have a heart...well, he's not mad about everything and everybody...
Check out Kanye's reaction -- 

Not too sure what the guy was rapping about or if he was good - but he's a pretty lucky fella. Personally, I would have made every other line rhyme with my name so I could throw my self promo in there, but that's just me ...

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