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ESPN Host Exposes Parts of the Sterling Controversy that Everyone Ignored

So, everyone knows the deal with the whole Donald Sterling controversy right? We all learned that he's a bit racist and that racism is bad right? Ok, cool - you know the basics. But don't let the media and all the fluff make you forget to look at this situation for what it really is.  
Check out the interesting point that ESPN host, Bomani Jones makes about the whole situation. It just may make you take a second look at things....

"This is the only opportunity that a lot of people have where they feel comfortable within their souls, within their psyches to stand against racism," Jones said on the ESPN Radio program. "'Cause it's so easy to do it on this right here and it's so scandalous."
Jones went on to bring up the death of a good friend of his, 32-year-old Leonore Draper, an anti-violence activist who was fatally shot outside her Chicago home on Friday, the same night she attended a charity event she helped organize. And he explained why Sterling's previous displays of racism mattered even more than the shocking words on audiotape.
"We hear all this stuff that goes on in Chicago and all these people who die, who lose their lives," he said. "All that stuff that's happening in Chicago is a byproduct of housing discrimination. … we've got all these dead kids in Chicago fighting for turf, fighting for real estate with poor accommodations and facilities ...all of this because the tax dollars and everything else decided to move away."
Jones continued:
"When we start looking at all these people in these lists who are dying as an economic byproduct of the people like Donald Sterling and you now have a problem because, oh my God, he said something that intimated that he doesn't respect his players? I'm calling you out as a fraud."

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