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Kanye, Kim Kardashian and baby North's Vogue photos leaked...

The internet has been in a frenzy over the news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new Vogue cover.  Check out some of the more extreme quotes below from FashionGoneRogue as well as some of the behind the scene photos.
One commentator barely had words, “Lupita won an Oscar and Kim Kardashian is on the … I can’t even bring myself to say it.”

                                                                                                       THE UGLY
Others accused Vogue of losing its credibility. “This is ridiculous. I like Vogue because it’s art and culture. And putting the queen of smut on the cover isn’t being any better than People or Star magazine. Congratulations, this has totally lost Vogue’s credibility,” a comment reads.

While others took it a bit further, “I grew up with Vogue in our house and now I will not have it any longer. What a shame this publication has sunk so low. RIP”

On Twitter some were fans of the decision. One user wrote, “Everyone else gets a Vogue cover, don’t let it anger you. You probably hate Mosquitos too but they ain’t going anywhere either.”

Is it about time? Or a bunch of bs?

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