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Grammys 2014 Best and Worst Moments [PICS]

E! Online gives us an exclusive insight to the Best and Worst Grammy 2014 Moments:

Beyonce, Jay ZKevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Best Seat in the House: Beyoncé opened the show performing "Drunk in Love" with just a chair, a "surfboard" and then some sexy time with hubby Jay Z. Simple, sexy and such a better way to open the show than...
Worst Segue: Following that electrifying performance, LL Cool J slowly deflated the energy in the room with a flat monologue that namechecked a bunch of famous people in an effort to make a point about how important music is...instead of just having some music doing that.
Musical Hatmaker: Grammy winning-producer Pharrell not only makes hits, but now he makes hats, turning his gigantic Vivienne Westwood lid into one of the night's most compelling presences. That guy can do anything.

Katy Perry, GRAMMYS 2014Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Scary Perry: Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" duet with Juicy J was such a huge scary frightfest—featuring dancing horses, flaming circles and gyrating dancers—that we kind of wish Nicki Minaj's pope pal had been on hand to say some prayers afterward.
Best or WorstJohn LegendLorde,Hunter Hayes and who else? Which performances did you love—and who fell flat?
Biggest Flip Out: Taylor Swift sat down at the piano for an emotional "All Too Well," and she gave her hair such a serious set of flips that, well, you just knew that she meant every word of it. Still, she can really deliver a song.
Least Fab: We love Ringo Starr, but seeing him perform with a gigantic band that somehow didn't include fellow Beatle Paul McCartney (who was in the audience, of course) was just a letdown. (Much More Fab? Ringo and McCartney did team up later so all was right in the world again.)
Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons, GRAMMYS 2014Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Swift Seal of Approval: The Imagine Dragons drumtastic performance with Lamar Kendrick started off a little unsteady and then fell into an undeniable groove once the rapper started that really worked. And we know because Taylor Swift was totally out of her seat dancing.
Worst ReactionPink's incredible trapeze work is absolutely stunning, but it's hard not to feel a little blasé about the act since she's done it before, including on previous Grammys. Still, pretty amazing.
What did YOU think about this year's Grammys? Who did you expect to win?

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