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Chicago's Lil Bibby Speaks Working with Drake [Interview]

Lil Bibby and Drake

     19-year-old Chicago rapper Lil Bibby is probably the most buzzed about young rapper in the game right now.  Thanks largely to the success of his song “Water” off his ‘Free Crack’  mixtape he’s currently on the receiving end of tons of media attention,  something he’s struggling to get used to. BOSSIP caught up with him at  his Atlanta mixtape release party.

    “I’m kind of forced to talk a lot now with the rapper stuff,” Bibby  tells BOSSIP at his Atlanta mixtape release party. “So I’m kind of  getting out of that.”
As for any pressure he might feel over being dubbed the next to blow, for now he says it’s only made him more focused.

    “I can’t put out no more regular records, just playing around,” Bibby  admits.”I gotta get in the studio and pick up, since the pressure is  there to work on them classic-type records.”

    We tell him he’s got the potential to be billed as a sex symbol, that he may be expected to craft music that women will like.

     “No, I’ma talk about selling drugs,” Bibby laughs. “That’s what I’ma  talk about. The girls – man, they like it. I don’t know if they like the  music or me. I don’t know what it is, but they like it.”
He’s in good company too. While he may be steering clear of light  skin stereotypes he has already forged a good relationship with  Drake and speaks of an upcoming  collaboration that could be just what he needs.

     “Me and Drake may be working in the future,” he confirms. “I talk to  him a lot, but you know he be busy. He just got off tour, so hopefully  it’ll be soon.”

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